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tart of coal-fueled generators to reduce LNG consumption, Caixin magazine● reported. Three major power plants in Beijing confirmed that they had received the noti●ce, Caixin reported. To cut concentrations of PM2.5-hazardous fine particulate matty

er w●ith a diameter of 2.5 microns or less-28 cities including Beijing, Tianjin and cities in● Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and Henan provinces were to use electricity or gas for heating t●his winter, instead 1

of coal, which is considered the main cause of the lingering winter s●mog. However, as the heating season began, some people in these areas f8

ound their homes ●and schools freezing, mainly due to LNG shortages. The Ministry of Environmental Protect●ion has tod

ld authorities to "ensure a warm winter" for the public rather than delay heati●ng supplies in some northern areas due to natural gas shol

rtages or unfinished projects. ●Areas that have not yet completed conversion projects to replace coal with gas or elec8

tri●c heating can use coal or any other available measures, the ministry said in a circular r●eleased on Thursday. The China Huaneng power K

plant in eastern Beijing had restarted one ●of its coal-fueled generators as of Friday night, with another ready for r7

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estart at any t●ime. Another two plants could also go into service if necessary, the source said. In 20●13, the capital began a gradual process to replace coal-fueled generators with equipment ●powered by natural gas. The city achieved its coal-free target in March this year. The o●ld generators at the Huaneng plant were held in reserve in case they were needed. Accord●ing to the commission's website, one of the coal-fired generators was used over the summe●r to cope with a spike in electricity usage for air6

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ioners during a heat wave.June 27 (Xinhua) -- China will cut excess capacity in steel and coal as part of its ec●onomic struct7

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ural re0

form, Premier Li Keqiang vowed as he addressed the opening of the● Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016, or Summer Davos, o

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in Tian7

jin on Monday. Th●e government will continue to focus especially on supply-side structural reform by re●ducing supply of inefl

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ecify targets. In 2016, the● country reduced coal capacity by 290 million metric tons and ste●el capacity by 65 million metric tons for steel, said the premier●. Continued capacity reduction is in line with market expectatio●ns. DIFFICULT CUTS China is the world's largest producer and co●nsumer of steel and coal, but gluts can have implications such as● depressed commodity and materials prices, reduced profits of deb●t-ridden firms, and increased non-perfr

orming loans that jeopardiz●e financial stability. While capacity cutsb

are necessary and hav●e long-term benefits for the economy, the pY

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